Inspection Checklist for Chilled Water Pipes

Inspection Check List For Water Treatment And Chemical Cleaning Of Chilled Water Pipes

Inspection Checklist for Chilled Water Pipes

Laboratory Test report has been submitted to the client for the raw water source

Chilled water pipe has an approved Installation and pressure Test report.

Air vents has been provided at the highest point of the Pipe installation.

Sufficient quantities of chemicals are available

Warning signs and warning tape as required.

Correct looping is provided on the supply and return pipes.

Proper Isolating valves is provided.

Drain valve is installed at the lowest level of the piping system.

Chilled water pipe branches at each floor are closed during preparation II but are opened one by one from higher levels to the lower levels till complete during dynamic flushing

Strainers are checked and cleaned for debris during flushing

Water samples are clear from free debris prior to and after the dynamic flushing procedure.